Equipment and Solutions

High Technology Systems has a wide variety of solutions for the requirements of each customer, fitting your need to our product portfolio. We have extensive experience in the design, production and installation of process equipment, CIP systems, and equipment for water treatment and paneling for clean rooms. We sell the most important companies worldwide as PADANA CLEANROOM, BRAM-COR and Top Line.
The solutions that we develop for our clients include new technologies and innovations that are adapted to the specific processes of each industry based on our experience and quality of work.


The experience and knowledge we have in engineering are the greatest strength and value added we have, ensuring project success for the customer and for us.
We specialize in providing integrated pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, cosmetics and food industries solutions.

Our projects range from engineering, where the client requires planning and development of engineering to plant projects of "turnkey".


We are exclusive representatives of prestigious companies, who rely on us to deliver their products.

Systems Clean in place and Sterilizing in place

We design and install Washing in Place (WIP), Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Sterilizing in Place (SIP) cleaning systems type. These kits allow cleaning and sterilization offering higher quality processes and saving of resources (water, electricity, detergents).

We construct systems tailored to customer specifications in compliance with FDA, GAMP, cGMP standards.
Equipment cleaning and sterilization are built with the highest technology and qualities following FDA guidelines, these systems are optionally supplied with the necessary documentation for validation.

CIP and SIP stations

Our automatic stations cleaning in Place and Sterilize in Place are cleaning and sterilization systems that are used to prevent microbiological contamination in process equipment.

Automatic cleaning systems to suit the requirements of each customer are custom-designed depending on the volume of cleaning and sterilization requiring the production process. Its design varies the capacity of its tanks and automatic systems.

We design and build equipment for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, meeting all requirements of GMP. Optionally provide all necessary documentation for validation.

CIP and SIP mobile equipment

Our line of equipment Steriwash, are built with the concept of mobile units for cleaning in place (Clean in Place - CIP) and sterilization in place (Sterilize in Place - SIP) designed to clean, sterilize, blanket, etc., the parts and inner surfaces of equipment such as:

• Containers, reactors and tanks
• Tanks mixture o preparation
• Bins
• System product and process piping
• Machinery online
• Other pharmaceutical process equipment, biotechnology, chemical application, etc

Because the equipment are mobile, there is no need move the equipment to be cleaned from the area of use to a cleaning area and are designed to be transportable within the dimensions of normal accesses currently used in laboratories and other health facilities.