Equipment and Solutions

High Technology Systems has a wide variety of solutions for the requirements of each customer, fitting your need to our product portfolio. We have extensive experience in the design, production and installation of process equipment, CIP systems, and equipment for water treatment and paneling for clean rooms. We sell the most important companies worldwide as PADANA CLEANROOM, BRAM-COR and Top Line.
The solutions that we develop for our clients include new technologies and innovations that are adapted to the specific processes of each industry based on our experience and quality of work.


The experience and knowledge we have in engineering are the greatest strength and value added we have, ensuring project success for the customer and for us.
We specialize in providing integrated pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, cosmetics and food industries solutions.

Our projects range from engineering, where the client requires planning and development of engineering to plant projects of "turnkey".


We are exclusive representatives of prestigious companies, who rely on us to deliver their products.

Equipment for production, storage and distribution of purified, distilled water and clean steam (PW-WFI-CS)

We understand the importance of having water that is usable in specific pharmaceutical production processes, so we are exclusive representatives of BRAM-COR Italy, systems are designed together with the latest technology for production:

• Purified water (PW)
• Water for inyection (WFI)
• High purified water (HPW)
• Clean steam (CS)

These systems are designed to make the product obtained meets international standards cGMP, cGAMP.

The success of the production of purified water, distilled water and pure steam is related to a proper distribution and storage, therefore we offer a comprehensive solution that guarantees that success, distribution systems and storage we meet that goal, using advanced technologies and guaranteeing all the validations system.

Storage and distribution

Experience in the design and development of systems of storage and distribution of purified water, water for injectables and pure steam, are the basis of our reputation of which we can be proud and put at the disposal of our customers to achieve their goals. The permanent modernization, updating of standards, and the hundreds of systems installed, makes the installation of critical services based on our provision. Accompanying the installation is done the preparation of documentation easily traceable, with the preparation of protocols DQ / IQ / OQ, in order to comply with the validation of the system.

Reverse Osmosis, distillers and Pure Steam Generators

We are exclusive representatives of BRAM-COR of Italy, jointly develop systems for production of purified water, distilled water and pure steam for production processes, these systems are fully integrated and aimed at optimizing resources and costs of the process, the following technologies are used:

• Reverse Osmosis plants.
• Reverse Osmosis plants and Electrodeionization (EDI).
• Multiple effect distillers.
• Distillers Thermo-compression.
• Pure steam generators

The production of purified water (PW) is guaranteed thanks to the production systems that are designed to comply with regulations and the International Pharmacopoeia. These systems represent an advantage due to a lower consumption of energy, simple operation and purified water of high quality.

Technologies adopted for the treatment of PW are:
• Reverse Osmosis
• Reverse Osmosis in combination with Electrodeionization (EDI)

Production systems Distilled Water or Water for Injection (WFI) are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the most rigorous parameters set according to cGMP, cGAMP and international requirements.

For the process of obtaining of distilled water or WFI, technological solutions that are implemented, allow that the diverse requirements of customers adapt to the processing system. Some of these technologies are:

• Multiple effect distillers.
• Distillers Thermo-compression.

The production of pure steam (CS) is originated through treated water for processes where sterilization is required or for use in processing equipment. To produce this steam is necessary clean steam generators, which use industrial steam or water heated above, and produce from 50 Kg/h to 4000 Kg/h of ultra pure steam at a pressure of between 3 to 9 barg.

These systems of pure steam that we develop are adapted to each particular process respecting the International Pharmacopoeia.

Pipes, fittings and valves

Our products include a wide range of valves, pipes and pumps that are offered to provide a solution to high purity industries needing valves, tubes, pumps and fittings sanitary and hygienic. They are built in stainless steel to respect international standards of hygiene.

Top Line Process Equipment Company valves are known for offering its customers products that meet or exceed quality standards found in the many markets we serve. Top Line competes with the leading suppliers in the industry in North and South America for Diaphragm valves type landfill, recently obtained the approval of CE mark in valves according to the PED for this product line.

Top - Flo ® Diaphragm valves are of the best quality, due to its unique design, reliability, versatility and ease of maintenance, they are the ideal choice for high-purity process piping applications. They combine extensive experience in the global industry with engineering and manufacturing facilities, located in the United States and Canada. Department of R+D and engineering are committed to providing high quality valves that are unsurpassed by any of its competitors.

We added the product line of Valsteam ADCAPure, one of the most important in the production of valves and equipment for clean steam, gases and fluids for the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.