Equipment and Solutions

High Technology Systems has a wide variety of solutions for the requirements of each customer, fitting your need to our product portfolio. We have extensive experience in the design, production and installation of process equipment, CIP systems, and equipment for water treatment and paneling for clean rooms. We sell the most important companies worldwide as PADANA CLEANROOM, BRAM-COR and Top Line.
The solutions that we develop for our clients include new technologies and innovations that are adapted to the specific processes of each industry based on our experience and quality of work.


The experience and knowledge we have in engineering are the greatest strength and value added we have, ensuring project success for the customer and for us.
We specialize in providing integrated pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, cosmetics and food industries solutions.

Our projects range from engineering, where the client requires planning and development of engineering to plant projects of "turnkey".


We are exclusive representatives of prestigious companies, who rely on us to deliver their products.

Process Equipment

Best equipment make better production, we know how important it is, why we believe in innovation, use of technology, training of our employees, in the unique experience we possess for the development of new equipment, providing our customers the best solution.

We design, build and install process equipment for industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, biotechnology. All process equipment is delivered with necessary documentation for validation.

Storage Tanks

We have a solid experience in the design and construction of storage systems for purified water and water for injections.

Its construction is suited to the needs of Use and equipped with automated control systems. The design of storage systems follows the guidelines of international standards and according to the specifications of each customer.

All built storage systems are tested mediantes demanding tests of pressure and vacuum (according to specifications). Complementary to the systems built the necessary documentation for validation is performed.

Process Reactors

We have the most advanced technology in the construction of process equipment, ensuring the quality of our teams, following international standards and regulations.

We design and build reactors according to the needs of each client, following the guideline of international standards (ASME, DIN, API), made of stainless steel (AISI 304,304L, 316, 316L).

The reactors we develop can count stirring system and insulation in cold - heat, according to customer requirements.

Process equipment produced by us are always delivered with suitable documentation for validation, offering customers an integrated solution, providing customer documentation and qualification of our teams.

Heat exchangers

For the pharmaceutical industry it is important to eliminate the risk of contamination and maintaining hygiene in both products and processes and production equipment. That is why we developed sanitary tube exchangers with the highest quality technology and adapting to the most demanding pharmaceutical and biotechnology standards.

Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers
The exchanger sanitary of the tube type is used for cooling at points of use (POU) systems of the ultra pure water or for water for injection (WFI), this water is used in filling stations, cleaning blisters, laboratories, etc. Such heat exchangers have ease of sanitation, drainability and no deadlocks.

The primary application of the tube in tube heat exchanger is cooling the point of use WFI systems. Other possible applications are:

• Temperature control during cycles of use and the heating line for sanitation systems in cold PW.
• Production of small volumes of WFI by condensation of pure steam.
• stabilization of the temperature in small fermenters withdrawal small volume of the fermentor by the heat exchanger.
• Sampling of pure steam.

The unit is limited in size and can operate with a maximum flow of approximately 1,800 l / h or 7,90 gpm (depending on the loss of load on the system permitted).

DTS Heat Exchangers (Double plate)
The Double Tube Sheet heat exchanger (DTS) jacketed are especially used in the pharmaceutical industry for sanitary design and simple to maintain, it has a high exchange capacity because it minimizes the flow resistance increasing performance. They are manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel with a roughness of Ra <0.5 microns, or electropolished with a roughness of Ra <0.4 microns.