Equipment and Solutions

High Technology Systems has a wide variety of solutions for the requirements of each customer, fitting your need to our product portfolio. We have extensive experience in the design, production and installation of process equipment, CIP systems, and equipment for water treatment and paneling for clean rooms. We sell the most important companies worldwide as PADANA CLEANROOM, BRAM-COR and Top Line.
The solutions that we develop for our clients include new technologies and innovations that are adapted to the specific processes of each industry based on our experience and quality of work.


The experience and knowledge we have in engineering are the greatest strength and value added we have, ensuring project success for the customer and for us.
We specialize in providing integrated pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, cosmetics and food industries solutions.

Our projects range from engineering, where the client requires planning and development of engineering to plant projects of "turnkey".


We are exclusive representatives of prestigious companies, who rely on us to deliver their products.


Top Line Process Equipment Company, originally founded in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1950 as a supplier to the industry of the dairy farm. In 1962, Top Line moved to the headquarters of Lewis Run, Pennsylvania, USA.

Top Line offers its products in industries of food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, and electronics. Marketing through a worldwide network of distributors, major manufacturers of original equipment, and national companies. The participation of Top Line with its distributors not only includes the supply of products at competitive prices, but to support a permanent line of communication between the supplier and the end user of the product. Provides a full support from the factory along with the network of clients and projects leaders.


PADANA was born in 1979. Located in Cremona (Italy), it began its activities in collaboration with one of the most prestigious engineering companies of pharmaceutical projects. During these years, Padana has acquired extensive experience in the design, construction and installation of finishes civil for the pharmaceutical sector, giving continuous support to clients and developing their products in detail. One of the peculiarities of Padana Cleanroom is the ability to customize the products to the customer's needs.
Today the company has 50 employees (office 15 and 35 in the factory and on site). Mobile partitions, suspended ceilings and accessories production process is conducted at the factory by highly qualified personnel. The activity assembly and installation are in charge of direct specialized technicians (supervisor on site) in order to ensure product quality standard we have achieved.
The site supervisors are able to manage teams of external facility also ensuring supervision and ongoing support during construction.


From the year 1964, the diversified expertise and field experience in the development and manufacture of COR S.r.l. water treatment systems, filling lines and equipment for packaging of BRAM S.p.A. merged today in BRAM-COR S.p.A., a leading company in pharmaceutical custom technologies and key in hand in the biopharmaceutical industry plant production.


Founded in 1988 in Lisboa, Portugal with the name Eurofluido Engineering Lda, initially dedicated dedicó al proyecto, fabricación, comercialización e instalación de enfriadores de muestras, intercambiadores de calor, depósitos y diversos dispositivos. En el año 1992 se registra la marca ADCA (iniciales de Adozinda Cachulo) y se diseña el primer purgador y la primera bomba de recuperación de condensados Adcamat, al tiempo que se mantienen los restantes ramos de actividad.
Actualmente ofrecemos su línea de producto ADCAPure para aquellas industrias de máxima pureza.