Equipment and Solutions

High Technology Systems has a wide variety of solutions for the requirements of each customer, fitting your need to our product portfolio. We have extensive experience in the design, production and installation of process equipment, CIP systems, and equipment for water treatment and paneling for clean rooms. We sell the most important companies worldwide as PADANA CLEANROOM, BRAM-COR and Top Line.
The solutions that we develop for our clients include new technologies and innovations that are adapted to the specific processes of each industry based on our experience and quality of work.


The experience and knowledge we have in engineering are the greatest strength and value added we have, ensuring project success for the customer and for us.
We specialize in providing integrated pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, cosmetics and food industries solutions.

Our projects range from engineering, where the client requires planning and development of engineering to plant projects of "turnkey".


We are exclusive representatives of prestigious companies, who rely on us to deliver their products.

Modular panel

We are exclusive representatives of PADANA CLEANROOM Italy, an organization established in 1979, designs and builds modular panels for walls and ceilings of high quality, as well as necessary for creating sterile areas and meeting pollution controlled for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronic industries and accessories food as well as in laboratories and research and development.

The large experience has PADANA CLEANROOM industry ensures high end quality, compliance with standards ISO 14644, cGMP and FDA.

PADANA CLEANROOM has been engaged in research and development for the use of the right to create sterile and controlled contamination areas materials, developing versatile system can be applied to any industry.

HTS in exclusive agreement with PADANA CLEANROOM, relying on our experience and knowledge to the installation of modular panels, we take care of the installation and provision of all necessary accessories for normal operation controlled areas of contamination.

These self-supporting modular panels are made of different materials and choice of the coating is a function of the activity taking place within the cleanroom, more particularly, the following surface coatings are available to the walls:


As for the materials that make up the inside of the modular panels are of:



Our objective is to provide comprehensive solutions for that work with the latest technology to offer quality products, adapting to each client's requirements.

To attend all requirements of our clients we present our communication system for cleanrooms and protected from contamination environments, this communication system can be connected to any PBX or internal or external line.
Steriphone has last generation materials that allow cleaning practice and capable of supporting solvents and chemicals used in the cleaning of cleanrooms. The audio system is Steriphone advanced technology and is called Half-Duplex, this technology is bidirectional and allows uninterrupted communication.

Steriphone offers a reliable solution for communication in free from contamination environments.